Here Is How To Choose The Best Hearing Aid For You

Here Is How To Choose The Best Hearing Aid For You

When we first meet with patients who are struggling with their hearing, the most common question we get is “What hearing aids are the best?”

Unfortunately, that is one of the few questions we cannot answer so easily. As one of the most trusted hearing care experts in Northern California, we have to admit that it’s still a difficult question.

It’s like asking a personal trainer “What is the best form of exercise?” There are many personal circumstances that determine what is the right decision based on many factors.

We are going to help answer this tough question within this article. Not the exercise question.

We are going to help you to better understand your hearing needs and what some key questions are to ask when looking for hearing aids. We will also cover what the next steps for you will be.

Which Hearing Aid Manufacturer Is Right For You?

Getting back to my exercise analogy — it’s a little like asking whether you should lift weights, do yoga, or run on the treadmill — each form of exercise is beneficial, but its rewards will differ from person to person. We want to optimize those rewards for you, and we have found that hearing aids work in the same way.

We’ve helped thousands of local people all across Northern California to achieve better hearing, and the manufacturers that we choose to partner with are ReSound, Oticon, and Phonak.

These are three of the most reputable manufacturers having alleviated millions of hearing issues. Between these three, we can solve almost any hearing issue that comes into our offices. We are excited to see what kind of tech advancements they make next.

These companies have their differences, and the decision of what we choose for a patient often depends on their unique circumstances. Your lifestyle is carefully considered to determine what will deliver the greatest positive change, both initially and long term.

We also make sure to take into account your current level of hearing.

Similar to the fitness world where a company that makes yoga mats probably doesn’t make dumbbells, hearing aid manufacturers are no different. They specialize in a certain type of remedy.

For example, some companies make incredible products for mild hearing loss while others specialize in severe hearing loss. That is why it’s so important to have a hearing assessment done regularly.

Currently, the devices that greatly impress us include the ReSound ONE, the Oticon More, and the Phonak Marvel. But with new technology constantly emerging, we stay up to date to ensure we can deliver the best outcome for you and all our patients.

How Does Your Lifestyle, Style, And Budget Impact The Decision?

When selecting the best hearing aid for you, we do so after comprehensive research of your lifestyle and the different environments you frequent. This will tell us how to optimize your hearing aid.

If your work requires you to be at your computer working through spreadsheets and talking on the phone once in a while, then we can address this specifically. Your needs will differ from someone who reports to a construction site and uses loud machinery all day.

We also take into account your preferred style of hearing aid as well. The look and style can be a deterrent to first-time users, and we want to assure you there are many different models and designs to choose from.

Additionally, we find that some patients require rechargeable batteries so they don’t have to work with or replace small batteries. Others don’t mind either way and can take advantage of some savings on their investment by not including rechargeability.

Budget is also a huge factor when making this decision. There are many levels of care you can receive, so finding the best option for you is paramount. Our specialists can help you with insurance benefits, payment plans, or any other options that will enable you to get back to hearing everything.

How to Choose Which Hearing Aids Are Right For You?

By now I hope I have explained that there is no “one-size-fits-all” device. Many factors go into making the right decision.

We don’t want you to rush into any decisions without getting all the proper information and treatment. By partnering with a team of hearing experts, you can allow us to ask the right questions. We also work to understand your unique circumstances and then make a recommendation with all the facts.

If you are based in Northern California and are looking for a trusted team of hearing aid specialists that can help you to choose the right next step for you or a loved one, we would love to help.

We can professionally test your hearing, understand your circumstances, and help you to make the right decision based on our vast experience and successful track record.

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Kenneth H. Wood, BC-HIS

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With so many myths and misinformation about hearing loss and hearing care, it’s often the unknowns or confusion that holds us back from making the right decisions.

That’s why we have a hearing care expert available to help.

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