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Our mission is to help people hear to the best of their ability. Providing excellent service and supporting individual needs are our primary concerns. UpState Hearing Instruments will make available the latest hearing aid technology combined with integrity, quality follow-up care and education.
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With 5 locations throughout the North State and North Sacramento Valley


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Get a free two-week trial on hearing aids from UpState Hearing Instruments.

Our Locations

We offer satellite locations throughout the North State, including Redding, Red Bluff, Weaverville, Susanville, and Chico.

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The ENCORE Class

We hold monthly classes for all new hearing device fittings; held in our Redding office. All are welcome to attend.

Hearing Aid Help

Get help using, maintaining and taking care of your hearing aids with these easy-to-follow guides and videos.

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Upstate Hearing Instruments is rated 5 out of 5 based on 130 reviews from around the Web.
“My experience with your staff has been excellent. Always pleasant and accommodating. My hearing aids have been frustrating. ”
Mary E S.
“My mom and I both are customers, they are nice and helpful. I wouldn't want to go elsewhere!”
Sonja E.
“Everyone was kind and helpful. It was a good experience. ”
Peggy L.
“If I had to have hearing aids, I am certainly grateful that I found the wonderful encouraging professionals at Upstate Hearing. ”
Elizabeth K V.
“Very friendly and professional. ”
Jacquie M.
She was kind and considerate yet very professional. ”
Diane J.
Very good job!!! Thank you. ”
Donald C D.
“I was met with a smile and welcomed, testing and information was comforting. Thank you Ken and Staff. ”
Doris M.
“Both Shelly and Paige are; competent, friendly, quick and caring. ”
Jim Schadd V.
Easy to control where ever I am. Scott does a great job and takes me in Weaverville. ”
Joyce G.