Hearing Protection 

Hearing Protection to Prevent Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

We live in a loud world. Heavy city traffic, music being shared through the open windows of the car stopped next to you, appliances and equipment for cleaning or tending your yard, sporting events, and so many other noises are a common part of daily life.

Extreme noise events or frequent exposure to excessive noise can lead to noise-induced hearing loss.

How do you determine at what point the noise is loud enough or frequent enough to cause damage?

Understanding Noise-Induced Hearing Damage

To provide perspective, it is necessary to know that normal conversations measure around 60 decibels (dBA), which is well below the hearing damage threshold. Noise-induced damage can occur with exposure to 85 dBA of noise averaged over 8 hours. For every 3 decibel increase in volume, damage can occur with exposure for half the amount of time.

It takes only 4 hours for damage to occur at 88 dBA. Noise levels that exceed 100 dBA (a lawnmower, handheld power tools) can cause damage after 15 minutes of exposure. A chainsaw or music through headphones at full volume, as well as nightclubs and concerts, usually registers around 105 dBA, which means that damage can occur after a little over 3 minutes of exposure.

Limiting exposure and the length of exposure to damaging noise is the best means of preventing noise-induced hearing loss, but that is not always possible due to lifestyle or occupational circumstances. In any situation where extended exposure or extreme noise is likely to occur, the use of properly designed hearing protection is essential to prevent noise-induced hearing loss.

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Advanced Hearing Protection Devices
Available from Upstate Hearing

We understand that some occupations, hobbies, chores, and lifestyles expose you to damaging noise,
so we have a broad range of hearing protection devices to prevent hearing loss.

Custom Ear Plugs

Upstate Hearing makes custom ear molds for use with behind-the-ear hearing aids as well as specialty earplugs for musicians, hunters, and others frequently exposed to damaging occupational or recreational noise.

Hunting Attenuators

The need to hear your friend or the sounds of nature around you while hunting are essential to hunting success. Our hunting attenuators allow all normal hearing while their electronic circuit cuts out all sudden and loud sounds. Most shooters forget they are wearing them because they are lightweight and comfortable, and they are valued because they do not “over-amplify” sounds such as shells rattling or crunching leaves.


Noise Plugs

Whether you are at a 49ers game, mowing the lawn, or enjoying your favorite rock band live, our custom-molded earplugs combine high-level noise reduction with a lightweight, comfortable fit. Clearly marked to fit the special contours of both ears, our noise plugs are marked to fit the right or left ear and come equipped with handles for easy insertion and removal. Cords can also be added to allow you to remove them and hang them around your neck for easy access.

Music Attenuators

Developed specifically for musicians, these fine-tuned attenuators reduce sound equally across all frequencies by 15dB or 25dB. This allows for greater and more accurate tone clarity while reducing the overall volume to a safer level. Our attenuators are also custom formed to your right and left ears and are equipped with handles to facilitate insertion and removal.

Custom Headphones

If your ears feel fatigued when you go jogging or while you’re working out to your favorite music, it is time to consider our custom headphones. Our custom headphones fit your ears just like our earplugs, but they have speakers in them. They are lighter weight than typical headphones and provide a higher sound quality because of their contoured fit.


Swim Plugs

Although not a contributor to noise-induced hearing loss, the moisture and chemicals from swimming pools dry out your ears causing irritation and infections. Our swim plugs are made of soft and comfortable silicone (it floats) that is custom molded for a precision fit. Their handles make them easy to insert and remove, and they are marked for use in your left or right ear for the best fit and to prevent spreading irritation from one ear to the other.



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Protecting you from noise-induced hearing loss is one more way Upstate Hearing Instruments provides better hearing healthcare even to those who do not need hearing aids.

If your occupation, hobbies, activities, household tasks, or lifestyle exposes you to extreme noise events or long-duration excessive noise, find out how we can help to protect you from damage by filling out our “Request a Callback” form to discuss the options we have available.