Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing Aid Repairs in Redding, Chico, Red Bluff, Susanville, and Weaverville

Hearing aids are very complex devices that people use each day. They connect you with not only your friends and family but also assist you with basic everyday tasks. With excessive usage, you’ll find some wear and tear. This is not necessarily the individual’s fault, but is a result of wearing them 16 hours a day or more.

At Upstate Hearing, we know that you see them as your lifeline, and if broken, it causes serious discomfort both mentally and physically.

That’s why our team at UpState Hearing Instruments offers hearing aid repairs

Our service looks into your hearing aid under a lighted magnifying glass, allowing us to change the filter or microphone port and look into what is causing your issues.

Backed by more than 30 years of experience, our technicians have in-depth knowledge of all hearing aid manufacturers and what may be causing discomfort.

This has seen us recognized as one of the most trusted groups of hearing care professionals in the western United States, ensuring you receive the most advanced and attentive treatment in the industry.

Simply complete the form on this page to book your hearing aid repair with the team at UpState Hearing Instruments.

The Repair Service

We understand that when your hearing aid isn’t working, you want it fixed with as little delay as possible. We can make simple repairs in our office, and our experienced team can take care of most of the major brands. For more severely damaged hearing aids, we will send them to the manufacturers for repair. The instruments are sent by either Federal Express or UPS to ensure that they get back as quickly as possible.

The Loaner Service

Another service we can offer is a loaner device for the time your hearing aid is away being repaired. We have a wide range of in-the-ear and canal aids, as well as powerful behind-the-ear devices. While these instruments may not fit or sound exactly like your own aids, it can be really useful to get you through the days until your device comes back.

Hearing Aid Care At Home

Article: Making Your Hearing Aids Work for You – A Troubleshooting Guide

Making your hearing aids work for you
14 Day Test Drive

14-Day Test-Drive All Hearing Technology

You wouldn’t buy a car without having a test-drive, and we don’t expect you to invest in better hearing without first experiencing the difference for yourself.

UpState Hearing Instruments proudly offer 14-day test-drives on all hearing technology, giving you the confidence that you’re making the right decision.

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A member of our team will then reach out to schedule a convenient date/time at your preferred location.

You can then drop your device to us and we can return it as good as new.
“Hearing aids have allowed me to hear my grandkids”

I first realized that I was having trouble hearing during a meeting at work. Upon visiting UpState Hearing Instruments, I found them to be very welcoming! Hearing aids have allowed me to hear my grandkids. If you’re concerned about your hearing, you will be very happy with your decision if you visit UpState Hearing Instruments.

- Holly
“Struggling to hear at work was impacting my job”

I was struggling to hear at work which was impacting my job. My first impression of UpState Hearing Instruments was how great Ken’s presentation was. As I’m practically deaf without my hearing aids, they have greatly impacted my life. My advice to anybody that is considering visiting UpState Hearing Instruments is that it’s the place to go – it’s full of great people, especially Stacy!

- Mike
“These are my fourth pair of hearing aids and my first experience with UpState Hearing. I have never been so happy with the service and performance.”
- Duane Menefee
“I can turn the TV down to a comfortable level that does not annoy my wife”

I first noticed that I had a hearing loss several years ago. Before coming to UpState Hearing, I was concerned that I would not like them [hearing aids] and that I’d get possible feedback noise. I found everyone at UpState Hearing to be friendly, not pushy, and the demos were a plus. With my new hearing aids, I can turn the TV down to a comfortable level that does not annoy my wife. UpState Hearing is awesome. My hearing aids are comfortable – I am not vain about wearing them. They aren’t very noticeable.

- Ron R.
“I love that I can stream with all my devices”

I first realized that I might have a hearing loss when I was unable to hear normal conversations in a crowd. At first, I was concerned that I was too young for hearing aids and about the stigma of wearing hearing aid devices. During my first visit to UpState Hearing, I thought everyone there was very professional, they answered all of my questions, and they were compassionate. I can definitely hear better with my hearing aids! I love that I can stream with all of my devices. UpState Hearing is absolutely the best, they are easy to work with, and they offer good follow-up. P.S. Josh was the best!!!

- J.M.S
“We were satisfied when I took my dad to UpState Hearing to see Ken and know that’s where my husband wanted to go.

- Austin R.
"Very pleasant experience."
-Martha P.
"Would never go any place else"

I have been coming to UpState Hearing for quite a few years and would never go any place else for my hearing needs. Everyone in the office is courteous and helpful. They listen to you and do their best to help you hear your best.

- Debra W.
"So helpful"

You have been so helpful to me… I’m doing better.

- Jean B
"5 Stars"
- Tom D.
"The staff is very helpful and understanding."

They want you to be completely satisfied with your hearing aids. There is a lot of information and sometimes it feels overwhelming. The staff is very patient and good at explaining things to help solve your issues.

- Debra S.
"5/5 Stars"
- Yvonne C.
"5/5 Stars"
- Yvonne C.
"Outstanding staff and service."
- Jody B.
"5/5 stars"

Third pair of hearing aids. Outstanding service and follow up.

- Ken W.
"Everyone at the office is warm and friendly and helpful."

Scott is a real professional. We both grew up in the same area and developed an instant bond.

- Chris H.
"5/5 Stars"
- Mike B.
"Thank you!"

Everyone from phone call, to being in the office were awesome to work with.

- Patty S.
"5/5 Stars"
- Marvin S.
"Ken has been terrific to work with."

The level of customers service is excellent. Thank you!

- Michelle M.
"Very professional and friendly"

Scott and the gang at UpState Hearing are very professional and friendly and it is a pleasure to have them help me with my hearing. I recommend UpState Hearing to friends and coworkers who have hearing loss. Thank you very much!

- Dave J.
"5/5 Stars"
- Dorothy S.
"5/5 Stars"
- Steve R.
"UpState has a great staff"

They are easy to schedule with and are great getting us in if we have any problems. I love that they have a satellite office in Chico. It was very helpful when my husband was recovering from surgery and hospitalization in Chico.

- K. Meyer
"It is great that a practice actually cares about their patients. Thank you!"
- D. Blickenstaff
"Initially I had a couple issues. I was able to walk right in and get the assistance I needed." 
- Linda V.
"Long time customer. Keep coming back. Appointments are fun! " 
- Larry A.
"Very professional, helpful. Answered all my questions." 
- Nacy D.
"Made my transition to hearing aids a very positive experience. Also, you take very good care of my husband who has extreme hearing loss. I give you an A++. "
- Maryanne G.

    Why Hearing Loss Often Goes Unnoticed

    According to a recent National Health Survey, it’s predicted that 15% of the US population has some form of untreated hearing loss. The reason for this is that hearing loss can be very difficult to self-diagnose. With it often occurring slowly and gradually, it’s rare to notice any day-to-day changes, with no way to compare to what your hearing was once like. This is the reason that our loved ones often notice our hearing challenges before we do.

    If you are concerned about your hearing or a loved one’s hearing, then your first step should be to have a comprehensive hearing assessment. It’s quick, non-invasive, and the earlier you can catch any form of hearing loss, the sooner you can correct it, and the higher the success rate.