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What Do Members Say About Partnering with
Upstate Hearing Instruments?


“First impressions were very good. Hearing aids have made my life a bit easier.”

“Several years ago, I had trouble understanding people. It was difficult.

“First impressions-wise, UpState were very good. Hearing aids have made my life a bit easier.

“My experience has been overall very good.”

– Rochelle R. Beyer

June 2021


“They were professional, caring, and have great knowledge of what people are going through.”

“Josh Frantz has been great with hearing technology. All good!

“I can hear all sorts now – crickets and understanding what people are saying.

“They were professional, caring, and have great knowledge of what people are going through.”

– C.M.

June 2021


“They listen to what I ask and always have the right answer.”

Gary constantly found himself “asking others what they had said” and came to the conclusion he needed to do something about his hearing.

Before visiting UpState Hearing, he was “worried” that he had a “loss of hearing.”

While there’s always a bit of unease when visiting somewhere for the first time, he recalls that the doctor made him feel comfortable and “knew what he was doing.”

The staff listened to what he asks and “always have the right answer.”

– Gary Perkins

June 2021


“The team were very professional and helpful. Josh goes beyond any business experience I’ve ever had.”

“I’ve been struggling to catch complete conversations for several years. Certain people’s pitches and accents were almost impossible.

“I felt hearing aids were for old people only.

“The team were very professional and helpful. Josh goes beyond any business experience I’ve ever had.

“Television and music are the best affected by hearing aids. Conversations are a bit better.”

– Chad Coleman

June 2021


“Dr. Scott knows his stuff. You can trust his judgment.”

“My first impressions of UpState were awesome. Dr. Scott is great.
“Hearing aids have made my life much better. Dr. Scott knows his stuff. You can trust his judgment.”

– Coleen Woodhouse

June 2021


“Friendly and professional”

It was 15 years ago that Robert noticed he had a “loss of high frequency.”

While visiting a hearing clinic for the first time can be scary, he thought the team was “friendly and professional.”

In particular, he thought, “Scott did a great job!”

– Robert D. Van Doron

June 2021


“Excellent service and hearing aids”

Randy first came to terms with his hearing loss in 1990. At first, it was an abrupt realization, as he “couldn’t hear stories, jokes, or follow the conversation.”

The only aspect which put him off was the “cost.” However, as soon as he walked through the door at UpState Hearing, he noticed the “excellent service and hearing aids.”

Hearing aids have changed his life in many ways, adding, “It’s way better being able to hear people.”

Summarizing his experience with UpState Hearing, he says, “Totally awesome, great all-round service.”

– Randy Ashurst

June 2021


“Hearing aids have definitely made my life much better”

I first thought I might have a hearing loss when my wife kept saying that the T.V was too loud and I kept saying “what?” all of the time. People started to ask if I was having trouble hearing! I had concerns about going for a hearing test but I just wanted to be able to hear when I was in a room with several people and be able to understand what they were saying without difficulty. I was very impressed with Upstate Hearing Instruments. Scott was very caring and helpful when explaining what I needed. Hearing aids have definitely made my life much better! If you are having problems with your hearing then I would definitely recommend Upstate Hearing Instruments.

– Ed H.

February 2021


Upstate Hearing has always been there for my needs. They are friendly, took care of all my needs, very fair, thorough, professional, and knowledgeable. The whole staff is great. It’s nice to see the same faces. They all deserve a raise. Thanks.

– Mr. Raffert

February 2021


“Our specialist went through the product, how to use it, and made adjustments”

Upstate Hearing has great staff at their office in Redding. They really helped me to ask questions. Also, our special specialist Joshua Fockler went through the product, how to use it, and made adjustments to the hearing aids. He explained how to use them and the maintenance of the equipment. And if there were any problems, I could call him. He said he would respond and take care of any problems that needed to be fixed. He is great professionally and we also appreciate his visits when he is in Susanville. Awesome.

– Ken E.

February 2021


“With my hearing aids, I am more of a complete person”

I am grateful for your service. You guys have changed my life. With my hearing aids, I am more of a complete person. My life has changed for the better. Thank you to Upstate Hearing and staff. Thank you, Stacy. And one more thing – I feel like I was treated like family.

– Brad W.

February 2021


“Friendly, professional, and always helpful”

Every contact I’ve had with Upstate Hearing personnel, either on the telephone or in person, over the past 8+ years has been friendly, professional, and always helpful. Thank you all!

– Edna C.

February 2021


“Thank you to the entire staff”

Scott is always professional yet also personable. It runs in the family – I know his dad. I could not be happier with the product, service, and treatment I have received at Upstate Hearing. Thank you to the entire staff.

– Jeff J.

February 2021


“A strong advocate for the elderly”

Upstate Hearing has wonderful staff. Christa is so professional and a strong advocate for the elderly. I value her expertise very much.

– Susan B.

February 2021


I really appreciate Rene and Christa. They are so helpful and considerate. They have been very patient with me.

– Judy P.

February 2021


“5 stars right down the line”

I love Upstate Hearing. Ken is very knowledgeable and always takes care of my hearing needs and concerns. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I give them 5 stars right down the line. Thanks, Upstate!

– Patrick L.

February 2021


Ken was very pleasant and easy to converse with. He was not a pushy salesman. He took his time with me, answering questions, etc.

– LouAnn B.

February 2021


The service at Upstate Hearing is excellent! They are a very caring, knowledgeable practice.

– Jeanne L.

February 2021


“My stress level is greatly reduced”

I went to Upstate Hearing because my brother has similar aids via Veterans and he stressed how much they would improve my life. He was so correct, as my stress level is greatly reduced and I am hearing bells, whistles, and voice levels now that I have not heard in years. Thank you.

– Nan K.M.

February 2021


Love it there! People are wonderful!

– Susan R.E.

February 2021


“I now can’t imagine life without them”

There were multiple indicators that signified that I had a hearing loss, but I had a small hesitation to address this because of the stigma and concerns about resistance to sweating, exercising, batteries and convenience. My first experience of Upstate Hearing Instruments were the immediate increase in hearing levels, awareness of environmental sounds and noise. I now can’t imagine life without them, most notably the Bluetooth aspect with my iPhone, Audible books and TV. My advice to you if you’re concerned about your hearing and considering visiting Upstate Hearing Instruments is to “go for it”.

– Don S.

January 2021


“Hearing aids have allowed me to hear my grandkids”

I first realized that I was having trouble hearing during a meeting at work. Upon visiting Upstate Hearing Instruments, I found them to be very welcoming! Hearing aids have allowed me to hear my grandkids. If you’re concerned about your hearing, you will be very happy with your decision if you visit Upstate Hearing Instruments.

– Holly

January 2021


“Struggling to hear at work was impacting my job”

I was struggling to hear at work which was impacting my job. My first impressions of Upstate Hearing Instruments was how great Ken’s presentation was. As I’m practically deaf without my hearing aids, they have greatly impacted my life. My advice to anybody that is considering visiting Upstate Hearing Instruments is that it’s the place to go – it’s full of great people, especially Stacy!

– Mike

January 2021


“They serve very good cookies and coffee”

After I retired, I noticed the hearing in my left ear was not good. I got an aid for that ear. I lived in the Bay area and purchased the aid there. Upstate Hearing is a very pleasant place. The staff is warm and friendly, and they served very good cookies and coffee.
They outfitted my aids for both ears and I am now on my third set. Hearing aids make it so I hear better. They tested me and found a loss of 40% more in my left ear. They clean the aids, test you frequently, and make sure you are comfortable. You come in shortly after the new aids and make sure you know how to use, clean, and store aids, and they’ll answer any questions you may have. They are very nice and pleasant people in Redding.

– Anne H.

January 2021


“I love that I can stream with all my devices”

I first realized that I might have a hearing loss when I was unable to hear normal conversations in a crowd. At first, I was concerned that I was too young for hearing aids and about the stigma of wearing hearing aid devices. During my first visit to Upstate Hearing, I thought everyone there was very professional, they answered all of my questions, and they were compassionate. I can definitely hear better with my hearing aids! I love that I can stream with all of my devices. Upstate Hearing is absolutely the best, they are easy to work with, and they offer good follow-up. P.S. Josh was the best!!!

– J.M.S

January 2021


“I can turn the TV down to a comfortable level that does not annoy my wife”

I first noticed that I had a hearing loss several years ago. Before coming to Upstate Hearing, I was concerned that I would not like them [hearing aids] and that I’d get possible feedback noise. I found everyone at Upstate Hearing to be friendly, not pushy, and the demos were a plus. With my new hearing aids, I can turn the TV down to a comfortable level that does not annoy my wife. Upstate Hearing is awesome. My hearing aids are comfortable – I am not vain about wearing them. They aren’t very noticeable.

– Ron R.

January 2021


“I have told several people about Upstate Hearing and I would openly recommend them”

I first realized that I might have a hearing loss when I was working and noticed that previously I could tell when my phone was ringing no matter where I was in the room, and then I couldn’t tell where the ringing was coming from. I noticed even when I was next to my phone that I couldn’t distinguish which phone was ringing. I was also concerned, as I was asking more and more people to repeat themselves and my family was very frustrated.
Upon my first visit to Upstate Hearing, I thought the office was friendly and kind, and the technician was very accurate in describing my symptoms. I liked the entire staff. They were helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. With my hearing aids, I can hear so much better now. Hearing aids have made AOLs so much easier. I have told several people about Upstate Hearing and I would openly recommend them.

– Claudia Joy O’C.

January 2021


These are my fourth pair of hearing aids and my first experience with Upstate Hearing. I have never been so happy with the service and performance.

– Duane Menefee

January 2021


We were satisfied when I took my dad to Upstate Hearing to see Ken and know that’s where my husband wanted to go.

– Austin R.

January 2021

Elizabeth Earnest Avatar
Elizabeth Earnest
- Google

UpState Hearing has been wonderful to my dad. Their service has been outstanding! They helped him fine tune his first pair of hearing aids until they worked the way he wanted with music and talk. Then when disaster struck and the puppy got the “ears”, Joshua outfitted him with an updated pair. Joshua even came out to the house to show my dad how to pair to his phone and computer so he can listen to music or watch a movie. As I said, the service is outstanding and I can’t give a higher recommendation. I’d give 10*** if I could! Thank you!

Mike Monahan Avatar
Mike Monahan
- Google

Josh went out of his way to make my hearing aid experience exceptional:
1) tested my hearing
2)made recommendations to me
3) wrote letters to insurance on my behalf
4) once insurance approved he spent time explaining the hearing aid and proper maintenance
- A truly professional and positive experience

Gayle Gilmore Avatar
Gayle Gilmore
- Google

I took my mother-in-law in to see Christa. She was so professional and kind. She took plenty of time explaining things and we were never left feeling rushed or unsure about our decisions. She made to transition to using the hearing aids very easy. She answered any questions we had.
Rene in the office was very friendly and helpful. Since the success we had, there will be another patient from the family going there soon!
I would highly recommend using Upstate Hearing Instruments!!

Linda Carr Avatar
Linda Carr
- Google

Josh is the best! I am so happy with the way he is so patient with me. He is so friendly and nice. He has an answer for all of my questions.

Claudia Baum Avatar
Claudia Baum
- Google

They try to understand & assist.
Good service.

Kat Redenius Avatar
Kat Redenius
- Google

This place had friendly and knowledgeable staff. Clean. Professional. Understanding. Helpful.

Jon Luvaas Avatar
Jon Luvaas
- Google

Christa is extremely knowledgeable and Renee very attentive to my personal hearing needs.
They are very courteous and responsive whenever I need help with my hearing aids.

Irene Woodward Avatar
Irene Woodward
- Google

Upstate hearing has been so helpful. Christa and Rene have been great. My mom is 87 years old and has not been able to hear well for about 5 years with her hearing aids. Her aids are v er ry old. They have adjusted her aids, put bigger microphones on them and had custom molds made for her ears. My mom can hear everything now for the first time in years. She has a smile on her face now and no longer feels left out. Thank you so much for taking the time to keep working on this to get it wright for her.

Tupper Malone Avatar
Tupper Malone
- Google

On vacation speaker wire went out. We called from Ashland Or and they were able to get us in within 2 savers.

Amanda Rouse Avatar
Amanda Rouse
- Google

Upstate Hearing has been amazing to work with!
It is very important for me to feel comfortable about where invest my energy, time and resources - I have not been let down.
I have been treated with patience and respect, receiving quality information and education on hearing loss, products and services.
Working with Christa has been a pleasure, and an honor - she takes time and care to really custom tailor the services provided.
I highly recommend Upstate Hearing!

Morada Wohlfeil Avatar
Morada Wohlfeil
- Google

Wonderful loving people. Excellent customer service from the front office gals. The hearing aid specialists are all amazing and here to help you get your quality of life back.

Misty Kafader Avatar
Misty Kafader
- Google

Absolutely amazing staff and great atmosphere.

Richard Rutte Avatar
Richard Rutte
- Google

Love being able to test drive the hearing aids. Josh was very helpful and very professional.

Amy Shaneyfelt Avatar
Amy Shaneyfelt
- Google

That Place is awesome ?

Andy Adams Avatar
Andy Adams
- Google

Scott just fit me for the new Oticon hearing aids. Wow they are awesome. They sound so clear. Thanks

Josh Plummer Avatar
Josh Plummer
- Google

Wonderful business! Had to go in for an employment screening and Josh took very good care of me with little direction. I will definitely recommend this business to anyone in need of anything hearing related.

Judy Petrucelli Avatar
Judy Petrucelli
- Google

So refreshing and knowledgeable.

Ken Stanley Avatar
Ken Stanley
- Google

Thank you Joshua. Never have met and served by a more positive person behind a desk in any business in over 70 years. What a blessing to be served by you yesterday with my ha problem. Am writing this to let your owners know what a fantastic representative you are your company. God bless you and grace to you as you go forward in your life. Jehovah Shalom.

Roger Plato Avatar
Roger Plato
- Google

Super people and caring

Richard Harris Avatar
Richard Harris
- Facebook

I have been working with Upstate Hearing Instruments for the past 2 years. They have been extremely professional and helpful from the very first visit. They have assisted me in every aspect along the way, from getting hearing aids to teaching me how to care for and operate them. Each visit is a pleasure , always a nice experience.

Julie Suniga Avatar
Julie Suniga
- Google

When I finally made the decision to do something about my hearing loss two different friends recommended Christa at Upstate. Rene set up my appointment and sent me some paperwork to complete before my visit.
When I arrived, she made me feel right at home while I waited. During my initial meeting with Christa, she instantly put me at ease. She did a complete hearing exam and test and then we talked about options. Her suggestion was to try hearing aids to see what I thought, no pressure. Well, I fell in love with the ability to hear clearly and her! She is very accommodating, warm and friendly. Yes, I highly recommend the team of Christa and Rene at Upstate.

A Google User Avatar
A Google User
- Google

When I finally made the decision to do something about my hearing loss two different friends recommended Christa at Upstate. Rene set up my appointment and sent me some paperwork to complete before my visit.
When I arrived, she made me feel right at home while I waited. During my initial meeting with Christa, she instantly put me at ease. She did a complete hearing exam and test and then we talked about options. Her suggestion was to try hearing aids to see what I thought, no pressure. Well, I fell in love with the ability to hear clearly and her! She is very accommodating, warm and friendly. Yes, I highly recommend the team of Christa and Rene at Upstate.

Kelly Ann Parker Avatar
Kelly Ann Parker
- Facebook

I am so pleased with the service a received from Joshua. It was great. I had never been to a regular hearing place before and this was only my second hearing aids ever. It was nothing like going to Costco. All the service and care is very personalized and I am very pleased. Thank you so much

James C P. Avatar
James C P.

We are very pleased at the speed with which Upstate and Quartz Hill took care of the lost hearing aid. Thank you for making a stressful experience smooth.

Ken Merritt Avatar
Ken Merritt
- Google

Very nice people and they understand your problems

Richard C Avatar
Richard C

Overall, quite satisfied. Still trying to adjust to difference in new to old aids.

Dan R Avatar
Dan R

You guys do great!

Bud G Avatar
Bud G

I didn't know the coo coo clock was that loud.

Deanna T Avatar
Deanna T

Very friendly staff. Offered many suggestions for hearing in different situations. Answered all questions. Supplied me with batteries.

Virginia Lee D Avatar
Virginia Lee D

I am very happy and pleased with how we are treated. I love Scott. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Garry Pritchard Avatar
Garry Pritchard
- Google

Outstanding support. Several locations in NorCal. Christa helped solve serious hearing difficulty with new technology. Very enthusiastic & knowledgeable professional. Also positive experience in Susanville.

Roger Chatterton Avatar
Roger Chatterton
- Facebook

My prior audiologist of 20+ years is reducing her practice enroute to full retirement. Since I know Scott Morris and that Upstate Hearing Instruments has an office in Weaverville, I decided to go with Upstate. Complicating the transition, or so I thought, was the fact that I am on a work-comp claim, which is a low profit factor account. In addition, my prior audiologist had already just administered hearing tests. If at all possible I did not want to have to take the time to get another hearing test(and get permission again from the insurance carrier) since my existent hearing aids had deteriorated to the point of being essentially non-functional. Upstate assured me that neither would be a problem. Their word was good. The transition was seamless and no time was lost. I just got fitted with my new hearing aids by Scott. I have gone from the worst hearing aids I had ever had, even when they were new, to the best hearing aids I have ever had. Scott had said I would be blown away with these new hearing aids, but I was skeptical. But he was right. He said these were the hearing aids that he and several others at Upstate use, so they know how good they are. I could not be more impressed or satisfied. For the first time in years my wife and I can watch TV without her having to put in ear plugs. I should also add that the several times I spoke on the phone with the Upstate office staff they were extremely helpful, efficient and courteous. Upstate Hearing Instruments has our (the bride and my) highest recommendation. Bonus points for having satellite offices which is great for those of us in outlying areas.

Shirley S Avatar
Shirley S

Everyone has been friendly - I feel very well taken care of.

Bobbi F Avatar
Bobbi F

I was so impressed with the service and help I received. I loved the very personalized service and patience I received from Stacy during the trial process using the hearing aids. Thank you so much!

Rick W Avatar
Rick W

Very thorough examination and excellent results. Friendly staff.

Elizabeth W Avatar
Elizabeth W

He was patient, kind and knowledgeable. He helped my mother (with dementia) repeatedly. He met and exceeded my expectations! Thank you!

Marvin J Avatar
Marvin J

My experience with UpState has all been to my satisfaction. Any questions that I have been answered to my satisfaction. I am very satisfied with the product and the service.

Bobbi Frazier Avatar
Bobbi Frazier
- Facebook

I am SO happy with UpState Hearing Instruments!!
I’m only 53 years old and getting hearing aids was not something on my bucket list...
Stacey was so knowledgeable and helpful in this humbling process. She took as much time as I needed to answer all my questions and then answer them AGAIN when I forgot what the answer was. She was so patient as she tweaked and tweaked, worked and worked with me to get just the right settings and sounds for my needs! I am so impressed and thankful for UpState Hearing!
And I can’t imagine not having hearing aids now. Thank you!!

Duane C. Avatar
Duane C.

Very friendly, knowledgeable. Completely changed my life at 73 years young. It's a big investment, but to me, it's worth every penny.

Clara C Avatar
Clara C

I am extremely hard of hearing and have resisted hearing aids until now. UpState representative Scott Morris has been working with me with much patience and skill to now improve and help me with my hearing and especially in groups but in all conditions too.

S Pete L Avatar
S Pete L

My experience was very good.

James C P. Avatar
James C P.

After years of sometimes helpful hearing aids and sometimes frustrating aids, the Oticon that we got at UpState have been refreshing. They were knowledgeable, well prepared, provided an excellent hearing test, kind, encouraging, it was a great experience but costly! And rechargeable!

Doreen S Avatar
Doreen S

When my son-in-law got his aids, my daughter said he didn't like them. I told her to tell him he needed to wear them so his brain would edit and he would like the result. He would even get used to his glasses over them. When my sister-in-law said his were in the box, I could only say "I love mine.

Thelma D Avatar
Thelma D

Everyone is friendly and helpful. Will take their time to work with until it's to your satisfaction. Always coffee/tea and cookies available.

Jack D. Avatar
Jack D.

Everyone is helpful and friendly. Will work with you. Very concerned about your hearing. I would highly recommend Upstate Hearing.

Mark E. Avatar
Mark E.

I've been utilizing the services of UpState Hearing for nearly 5 years now. The staff here is excellent and the service is "spot on." From the time of first contact, to the present, everyone here has been thorough, professional and friendly. These folks go the full distance for their clients and because of that, I have sent others here. The response has been unanimous and positive. I highly recommend UpState Hearing to anyone in need of assistance with hearing issues and know they will be well served.

Ruby M. Avatar
Ruby M.

Christa Atwood - a very kind and helpful person. She too the time to help me with my "aids" made adjustments and showed me how to better insert them into my hears. My hearing has improved! Thank you for her!

Joyce A C. Avatar
Joyce A C.

I didn't have to wait very long and they were quick and very pleasant and helpful.

Carol R. Avatar
Carol R.

Ken Woods and his staff are always friendly and professional. I just was fitted for new aids and they are wonderful. My husband and I are members of HLAA, an organization we highly recommend. My husband is a new cochlear wearer. Life is not always easy but we are proactive.

Randy J. Avatar
Randy J.

My experience was very nice. All there very helpful and very friendly. The cookies are a great treat.

John L. Avatar
John L.


Deanna Connite Avatar
Deanna Connite
- Google

While traveling my mother in law's hearing aids stopped working. The staff was absolutely the best. They let us drop in and wait a short amount of time. Had her hearing aids fixed and we were on the road again back to Washington. Best staff award!!! Highly recommend!!

Susanne S. Avatar
Susanne S.

They are just amazing.

Ruth J. Avatar
Ruth J.

My experience was very good. Made me feel comfortable and special.

Hazel K. Avatar
Hazel K.

Everything was done with all kindness and explanations needed. Perfectly taken care of my needs to be able to wear the hearing aid and not feel nervous.

Leon N. Avatar
Leon N.

It's great to see UpState wanting our learning experiences to be shared with our fellow hearing-challenged friends, (i.e. UpState clients).

Mary Lorraine W. Avatar
Mary Lorraine W.

I can hear now.

John T C. Avatar
John T C.

The staff were excellent. The hearing test was the most conclusive test I have ever had. The overall experience was wonderful, cannot recommend Upstate Hearing highly enough.

Jeanne Lazaris Avatar
Jeanne Lazaris
- Facebook

My husband, Nick, has been getting his hearing aids from Upstate Hearing Instruments since 1996, and I bought my hearing aids there when it was determined that I needed them, too. Our most recent experience was with Christa Atwood. We asked for her help in setting up our RING doorbell system (which we had purchased elsewhere) so that it would work with Nick’s Oticon Opn hearing aids. Christa spent hours with us and she was unbelievably patient. She is really sharp, and her powers of deduction are incredible. Besides that, she is warm and friendly. It was truly a pleasure to be guided by her.

Everyone who works at Upstate Hearing Instruments—from the the receptionist to the owner—is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They seem to be interested in us as people, not just as customers. Nick and I have had great service there, and we wholeheartedly recommend Upstate Hearing Instruments.

Sincerely, Jeanne Lazaris

Sharon L W. Avatar
Sharon L W.

Ken is so professional and I always feel better after visiting your office in Redding. God bless you all! P.S. and I can usually hear better.

Linda H. Avatar
Linda H.

Scott made me feel very comfortable and at ease. He explained everything as he went along and made sure I understood what he was saying. He made it clear that I can call anytime.

Sheldon L. Avatar
Sheldon L.

My experience was excellent.

Audrey S. Avatar
Audrey S.

Scott and all the staff have gone above and beyond in helping my find the right hearing aids for my unique requirements.

Robert M R. Avatar
Robert M R.

Convenient location in my hometown. Very professional and friendly employees. Responsive to follow-up questions.

Michael W. Avatar
Michael W.

Made me hear a little better.

Kay F. Avatar
Kay F.

Top quality products. Very professional, relaxed and friendly service. Staff go out of their way to be helpful.

David R. Avatar
David R.

My experience at Upstate Hearing was great. From the front desk, ear molds and actual hearing tests, all were very professional. My Oticon hearing aids were far superior to another well known brand bought previously.

Mary E S. Avatar
Mary E S.

My experience with your staff has been excellent. Always pleasant and accommodating. My hearing aids have been frustrating. Been returned twice and seem to be acting up again.

Sonja E. Avatar
Sonja E.

My mom and I both are customers, they are nice and helpful. I wouldn't want to go elsewhere!

Peggy L. Avatar
Peggy L.

Everyone was kind and helpful. It was a good experience.

Elizabeth K V. Avatar
Elizabeth K V.

If I had to have hearing aids, I am certainly grateful that I found the wonderful encouraging professionals at Upstate Hearing. The expertise of Scott Morris has helped me feel good about being able to have their top notch technology and support. I am very thankful to have the privilege of good hearing and great people to help me along this journey.

Diane J. Avatar
Diane J.

Very friendly and professional.

Donald C D. Avatar
Donald C D.

The new hearing aids were explained to me and demoed. He set up the hearing aids the way I wanted them set and paired them with my cell phone. Very good job!!! Thank you.

Kathleen Gebauer Avatar
Kathleen Gebauer
- Google

Great service. Great products.

Shane H. Avatar
Shane H.
5 star rating
- Yelp

As I am getting older I have noticed a decline in my hearing.Our daughter recommended Up State Hearing Instruments. The caring and professional staff went above and beyond to make sure I was fitted with the correct hearing aids. I would highly recommend this business to anyone who thinks that they may have a hearing loss. Thank you Upstate Hearing Instruments.

Mike S. Avatar
Mike S.
5 star rating
- Yelp

If you are looking for an excellent patient experience, great service and very knowledgeable hearing healthcare provider, go see Ken Wood, BC-HIS. His staff is honest, trustworthy, caring and will take care of your hearing issues. Ask for a demonstration of the ReSound Made For iPhone Hearing aids... The LiNX 3D are great hearing devices.

Aric Cook Avatar
Aric Cook
- Google

Upstate hearing has made wearing my hearing
A joy. The fit and settings are just perfect. They are always very courteous and pleasant to deal with.

A Google User Avatar
A Google User
- Google

Upstate hearing has made wearing my hearing
A joy. The fit and settings are just perfect. They are always very courteous and pleasant to deal with.

Sherrell M. Avatar
Sherrell M.
5 star rating
- Yelp

My husband has had 2 other pairs of hearing aids that just didn't work for him. We were referred to Ken at Upstate. He has done a great job with Bill. Ken is really interested in helping you get the best hearing you can. Very helpful and patient. Highly recommend Upstate Hearing.

Robert Grijalva Avatar
Robert Grijalva
- Facebook


Betty McDonald-Brown Avatar
Betty McDonald-Brown
- Facebook

This hearing aids make my world a much happier place as they have proven superior to any before them. The professional team, outstanding. I feel they will back me up in any way I need-a great feeling.

Millie Loos Avatar
Millie Loos
- Facebook

I've been going to Upstate Hearing for over 10 years. The staff are like family. My hearing is tested on a regular basis. Anytime I need service (cleaning, adjustments to my hearing aids, etc.), it is immediately taken care of. I highly recommend them. Keep up the good work everyone. Thanks, Millie

Don Stec Avatar
Don Stec
- Facebook

I love my new Oticon miniRITE hearing aid. The sound is very natural. They are a pleasure to wear. "Sorry, I didn't hear you" is no loner part of my lexicon.
Ken and staff are great. It is a pleasure doing business with them.
Don Stec

John Cerro Avatar
John Cerro
- Facebook

I have been using Upstate Hearing for over 12 years and my wife’s past husband also used their service for many years. The staff is always nice and professional. Ken and Scott both use hearing instruments, which is a plus for you, because they know what you are experiencing.

Randy Abbe Avatar
Randy Abbe
- Facebook

All the personnel are friendly and helpful. They treat you like family. Always had good experience in my 11+ years of service. Wish I did not have to move out of the area.

Jan Yockey Chappell Avatar
Jan Yockey Chappell
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We had bought hearing aids at Costco, and we are so sorry! We never dreamed there was a place like Upstate Hearing! So happy Dr. Dozier told us to check it out! They are like day and night. Costco hearing aids are going to be dumped, never could believe the difference a good hearing aid could be. Husband loves to use them and don't have to listen to all the excuses why they don't work at Costco. Upstate Hearing is the best ever. Scott in Susanville is #1 with us! Thank you so very much.

Doris M Avatar
Doris M

I was met with a smile and welcomed, testing and information was comforting. Best of all, my hearing aid was making my life much easier and enjoyable. Thank you Ken and Staff.

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