Oticon Ruby Hearing Aids: Everything That You Need to Know

Oticon Ruby Hearing Aids: Everything That You Need to Know

Choosing which hearing aid technology is right for you can be a difficult decision.

While we try our best to recommend certain types of devices based on your lifestyle, background, and listening preferences, most of the time, the end result is based on which device you are gravitating toward.

Throughout our many years of practicing, we often hear the same manufacturers cropping up and many of our patients are intrigued to find out more.

Except, there is one particular brand that stands out. The Oticon Ruby.

Worn by thousands of users, the Oticon Ruby is, in the words of Oticon, “designed to give you the confidence you need to live life to the fullest.”

Except, what is so special about this particular device?

What is Oticon?

Originally founded to help real people, Oticon was established in 1904 by Hans Demant, whose wife suffered from a hearing loss.

Over the years, their drive for high-performing technology has set them apart from other manufacturers, making them some of the most sophisticated devices in the game.

But what makes them different?

If you’re someone who suffers from a hearing loss, you know how annoying it can be if your device produces a buzzing-like feedback sound.

It can interrupt your conversation with someone else, and sometimes you have no idea how to turn it off!

Well, the Oticon Ruby identified this as a real problem for hearing aids. To combat this, they developed a new system that prevents feedback from occurring, allowing patients to experience a more natural listening experience.

Features of Oticon Ruby Hearing Aids

Aside from coming in a range of colors and styles, the Oticon Ruby has a range of impressive functions and benefits for the user, too:

  • Excellent sound quality that is designed to help you in all types of environments
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable option, which provides a full day’s charge in a few hours
  • Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to connect to smartphones and other modern devices to stream audio, calls, and music directly to their device
  • Oticon RemoteCare, an option that allows professionals to follow up online and fine-tune hearing aids in a virtual appointment

As a line of behind-the-ear hearing aids, each model has a sleek frame that tucks discreetly behind the ear. The tiny speaker sits directly inside the ear to produce a crystal-clear sound quality that can help you to hear in all environments.

Each model has a different benefit for the user and your audiologist will talk you through the benefits of each:

Oticon Ruby miniRITE is the smallest behind-the-ear hearing aid. With a small speaker attached to a wire, it sits snuggly behind the ear out of sight.

If you’re the type of person that struggles to hear people when you’re on the phone or in large rooms, the Oticon Ruby miniRITE T uses it’s telecoil to transmit the sounds directly to your ear.

Oticon Ruby miniRITE R (rechargeable) features a lithium-ion battery and dynamic charger to provide you with hours of battery.

Producing the highest sound quality, the Oitcon Ruby BTE features a double push-button for easy control of volume and programs. Its robust design makes it the most durable model.

To level up even further, the Oticon Ruby Plus Power is a powerful device that is great for those with severe to profound hearing loss. Robust in nature, it is designed to last you for many years.

Would you like to Experience the Difference for Yourself?

Does the Oticon Ruby sound like something for you?

The good news is that we are offering a “14-Day Test Drive” to help others test it for themselves.

Often, it can be difficult to tell whether a device is going to work for you without trialing it out against your everyday life.

It could be that you live a fairly active lifestyle, or you want to hear better in work calls. Whatever the circumstances, sometimes you need extra time to process it all.

Through UpState’s “14-Day Test Drive,” you will be custom fit with the Oticon Ruby where you can experience the difference it makes in your life.

After the two weeks, you can return them to us, and we can have a discussion about it – remaining as open and honest as possible.

The best part? There’s no fee involved; we just want you to experience the Oticon Ruby for yourself.

How does that sound?

To schedule your appointment, please click here or be directed to your local office by clicking here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Kenneth H. Wood, BC-HIS

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