Offering Hearing Aid Repairs in Northern California

Offering Hearing Aid Repairs in Northern California

Hearing aids are very delicate pieces of technology.

While they’re built to deliver clear and coherent sound quality for many years, they are prone to general wear and tear.

This is not necessarily due to a lack of maintenance, but it could be as a result of a manufacturer issue or clogged-up microphone.

The good news is that Ken, our hearing instrument specialist, has been doing repairs for over 30 years and has seen many changes in hearing aid technology.

Back in 1984, Ken started in the hearing aid industry doing repairs for Shelby Instruments, owned by Havens Hearing Aids. During this time, he also learned how to cast molds and shells for custom in-the-ear type hearing aids.

Hearing aids and repairs were much different those days compared to the computer chip devices of today, but he has definitely picked up a lot of key skills to do with fixing hearing aids!

What Do We Clean the Most?

The single highest number of repairs today includes replacing the speaker (the industry calls that a receiver) and the number one cause of failure is earwax and oil in the ear canal.

The microphones and speakers have a diaphragm and over time those diaphragms lose the ability to move and create the amplified sound waves or in the case of the microphone receive airwaves and convert them to electrical signals. This can cause your device to perform poorly.

Many times, fixing a hearing aid is really a matter of cleaning it really well.

The microphone ports, speaker ports, battery contacts, and switches need to be cleaned and cleared of debris.

Our Expert Equipment

In the office, we use a small vacuum system that has a small needle size tip to get down inside the microphone ports, etc. At home, a small brush works the best and changing the wax traps.

Another fun repair we do in the office is shell repairs using UV light-cured plastic similar to the dental industry or nail salon industry.

Often someone will bring in a hearing aid that has been stepped on or chewed by the dog and if we have enough pieces, it can be put back together.

Our drying Zepher machine utilizes warm, moving air to dry out your hearing aid and remove any moisture.

Another common issue is battery life. Many things can affect battery life, especially with the blue tooth connected hearing aids that drain the batteries quicker when streaming to your phone or TV.

A simple battery drain test will tell us how many hours the batteries should last in your hearing aids. Battery doors will occasionally break off at the hinge and often we will have them in stock.

Loaner During Repair

If we cannot repair your hearing aid in the office and need to send it to the manufacturer, then we program loaners to use while we wait for the factory repair which can take up to two weeks.

Pull strings on the small custom hearing aids will sometimes break off and can also be replaced in the office.

What Brands Do You Repair?

  • Oticon
  • Phonak
  • Widex
  • Starkey
  • ReSound
  • Unitron
  • Sonic

If you have a custom Earmold that is either too tight or hurts, we can usually buff it for a better fit. Consider wearing it before you come in so we can see where it’s too tight or sore.

In other circumstances, we will talk you through the benefit of upgrading your device, as you may find that new technology will accommodate changes in your hearing.

Schedule A Repair Today!

When it comes to hearing aid technology, you want to extend their longevity for as long as possible, especially as they are such a huge investment.

Getting a clean & check at UpState Hearing is one of the best ways you can maintain your device’s performance and lifespan.

If you or a loved one is ready to schedule a clean & check, then you can request a callback here. Alternatively, click here to be directed to your local office.

Kenneth H. Wood, BC-HIS

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With so many myths and misinformation about hearing loss and hearing care, it’s often the unknowns or confusion that holds us back from making the right decisions.

That’s why we have a hearing care expert available to help.

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