Lyric Hearing Aids: Everything That You Need to Know

Lyric Hearing Aids: Everything That You Need to Know

After caring for the hearing healthcare of Redding, Red Bluff, Chico, Susanville, and Weaverville for many years, we have dealt with all the different circumstances of the local people.

From people who are eager and ready to address a hearing challenge, to people who are more reluctant due to reasons involving the fear of looking old, or the thought of what others might think, we have learned the many reasons why people are reluctant to purchase hearing aids.

Whether they’re concerned about the cost, appearance, or insurance cover, in truth, there are many setbacks that can prevent someone from treating their hearing loss.

But what is the main reason people aren’t quick to purchase hearing aids?

It’s because they don’t want to look old.

Well, Lyric is the answer to this problem.

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What is Lyric?

Designed for style-conscious wearers, the Phonak Lyric hearing aid is placed completely inside of the ear and out of sight.

It aims to provide a natural listening experience and uses the natural anatomy of the ear to amplify and give you a full listening experience.

For years, people have pictured hearing aids as old, clunky-style devices which cover half of your ear.

Companies such as Phonak have revolutionized the way they make hearing aids to produce a device that is the panacea to people’s problems, making people feel younger, not older.

The best thing about the Lyric device is that it can be worn for months at a time due to its long-lasting battery and water-resistant exterior.

Benefits of Lyric Hearing Aids

There are many benefits of the Lyric hearing aid device, but the biggest difference is the crystal-clear sound it produces.

After many years of practicing, we have learned one thing. Users don’t want a complex device that has more functions than they can manage, but they want something that is going to produce a natural sound that they are used to.

Lyric has recognized this and produced a device that mimics the sound of someone with good hearing. This makes it almost a lot easier for users to get used to.

If you’re naturally clumsy at heart, you can also benefit from Lyric’s 24/7 wearability, which doesn’t require you to take it out after daily activities like other models.

Try the Difference for Yourself

Is the Lyric device something that interests you?

Whether you like the option of invisible technology or want to utilize natural sound to help you hear better, there are many benefits of a Lyric device.

Except, you know that the best way to see if hearing technology is right for you is to test it out against your lifestyle.

During UpState Hearing’s “14-Day Test Drive,” you will be invited to the clinic to be fitted with Lyric hearing aids. For two weeks, you can test them out to see if they’re right for you. It’s completely free, and we won’t surprise you with a nasty bill at the end of it. We just want you to see how much of a difference they make to your life.

To schedule your appointment, please click here, or click here to be directed to your local office.

If you would like to know anything more, just get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

We hope to see you soon.

Kenneth H. Wood, BC-HIS

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With so many myths and misinformation about hearing loss and hearing care, it’s often the unknowns or confusion that holds us back from making the right decisions.

That’s why we have a hearing care expert available to help.

If you have a question, or would like to speak to a professional privately about the challenges that you may be facing, then simply request a callback and we’ll call you for a friendly no-obligation conversation.