If you’re a hearing aid user who has sound and connection issues with your new iPhone 12, you’re not alone.

Many users are complaining about the problems that accompany pairing hearing aids with the iPhone 12.

Although I’ve been a hearing care professional for years, I started my relationship with Upstate Hearing Instruments as a patient.

I have first-hand knowledge of how frustrating technology problems can be for a hearing aid user. I know how important it is for you to have the information you need to get your hearing aids and your smartphone to work together as they should.

Here’s what you need to know.

The Problems iPhone 12 Users Are Having

Bluetooth connection issues and poor sound quality are the most common problems hearing aid users are experiencing with the iPhone 12. Users have had one or both hearing aids repeatedly disconnect and reconnect.

Many users report hearing loud static sounds through one or both hearing aids during phone calls or while streaming audio.

Some hearing aid users have described the iPhone 12’s audio as garbled.

Many users have voiced their complaints on Apple discussion forums.

Here’s what a couple of them had to say. Most users described similar issues and frustration.

“Just upgraded to iPhone 12 Pro Max. Experiencing unpredictable interference listening to music or on phone calls with the phone in various positions and involving one or both of the hearing aids. Static most common, also squealing and clicking.”

“I got my iPhone 12pro over a week ago. The first day I had them, the static was deafening. I have not heard or seen anything regarding a fix. This is a severe problem.”

Your Hearing Aids Aren’t to Blame

Perhaps you’re wondering if your hearing aids could cause these problems. You may have even tried to troubleshoot your hearing aids to resolve these issues.

Since this is a widespread problem that’s happening with various hearing aid brands, I’m confident your hearing aids aren’t responsible.

The iPhone 12 became available shortly after Apple released iOS 14, an operating system update for Apple’s mobile devices. Given how close the release dates were, some users have asked whether iOS 14 could be to blame.

While that’s possible, most hearing aid users aren’t experiencing these problems when they’re using iOS 14 with older versions of the iPhone.

The point I want to make clear is the problem’s source is an Apple product rather than your hearing aids.

How Apple Has Responded

Initially, the tech giant has said it would address hearing aid users’ concerns in a future upgrade to iOS 14.

A recent update to the Apple support page recommends hearing users upgrade their iPhone 12 to iOS 14.2.1 or later.

At Upstate Hearing Instruments, our team can help you with all types of hearing aid problems. Our Northern California hearing center offers a full range of hearing aid services, including cleaning and repair.

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Scott A. Morris, HIS

Scott A. Morris, HIS

Scott is a sixth-generation Trinity County native, who has been with our office for eighteen years, first as a patient and currently as a Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser. Scott not only fits, programs, and adjusts hearing aids, he also performs annual evaluations and hearing aid cleanings in Redding as well as our office in Weaverville.