Tele Audiology

Helping You to Receive Advanced Hearing Care from the Comfort of Your Home

COVID-19 lockdowns have had a critical impact on daily living, keeping us separated from family, friends, colleagues, and others who might unknowingly threaten our health and safety. During the pandemic, video calls and video conferencing have become an essential part of staying in touch with others. It has also been a challenge for hearing care professionals to provide care to those with a hearing loss or hearing instrument issues.

Building upon innovative teleconferencing technology, we continue to care for our friends and neighbors in Northern California via our Tele Audiology service.

Five Easy Steps of a Tele Audiology Consultation

Setting up a Tele Audiology consultation is as easy as scheduling an in-office appointment, if not easier.

There are only five steps involved in taking advantage of a Tele Audiology consultation, including:

#1 – Fill Out Our “Schedule A Tele Audiology Consultation” Form

By filling out our form, you alert one of Upstate Hearing’s patient care specialists to contact you and help schedule your appointment.

#2 – Receive A Confirmation Email

Once the proper date and time are scheduled, we will send you a confirmation email. Included in the email confirmation are instructions for setting up and testing the camera and microphone on your device along with the link you will use to connect for your appointment..

#3 – Connect With A Care Provider

Via the provided link, on the agreed upon date and time, you will be connected via teleconferencing to one of our professionals for a face-to-face consultation.

#4 – Our Initial Consultation, No-Obligation

Our initial, no-obligation consultation allows you to ask questions and discuss your concerns about hearing loss, hearing tests, hearing aids, etc. while engaging in a conversation about your occupation, lifestyle, hobbies, and the activities you enjoy. We will discuss various aspects of your medical history and the history of hearing loss in your family. We will recommend scheduling a hearing assessment if necessary, guide you toward hearing protection options, or provide any of the services we would typically provide during in-office initial consultations.

#5 – Troubleshooting Advice for Current Clients

If you are already one of our clients, you can also take advantage of our Tele Audiology service for face-to-face device troubleshooting, remote device programming assistance, or to have your questions answered by your hearing care provider just like you have come to expect from an in-office visit.

What is Teleaudiology?

Teleaudiology provides a safe mode for hearing care professionals to connect with our clients in order to continue with hearing care and technical support for hearing instruments. Through our service, you can use the video camera on your cell phone, computer, or tablet for a face-to-face consultation with your hearing care provider without having to schedule an office visit or expose yourself to others in public.

Although designed to comply with COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, this service allows our clients to schedule a face-to-face meeting with their care provider without having to arrange childcare, take time off from work, or travel long distances to come to an office appointment.  Through teleaudiology, you can receive the same personal care for troubleshooting or remote programming even while you’re out of town on business, visiting family, or on vacation.

Our basic Tele Audiology service allows for a no-obligation, 15-minute initial consultation for individuals concerned about a possible hearing loss before scheduling an appointment. As an added bonus, teleaudiology makes it easier for family and friends to encourage their loved one to seek help for their untreated hearing loss.

You people are amazing! I’ve never experienced such wonderful service and hospitality and TLC. Thanks to all the staff.

Betty D

Schedule Your Tele Audiology Appointment


Whether you are a new or an existing client, our Tele Audiology service is available to continue providing our community with the healthy, high-quality, and independent lifestyle that comes with top-level hearing care.

For your safety and convenience, you can expect the same level of care from our Tele Audiology service as you would receive during an in-office appointment by filling out our “Schedule a Tele Audiology Appointment” form.