Complete Hearing Instrument Care (CHIC) for All Your Hearing Devices

Complete Hearing Instrument Care (CHIC) for all Your Hearing Devices. Complete Hearing Instrument Care is perhaps the most comprehensive hearing instrument care coverage plan on the market today. With your Hearing Instrument purchase, you will receive:

  • Quarterly Hearing Device Cleanings

  • Yearly Hearing Screenings

  • Hearing Device Adjustments

  • First Year Loss-and-Damage Insurance

  • Two-Year Repair Warranty

  • Repair Warranty and Loss-and-Damage Replacement Renewal Options

  • Batteries Provided for the Life of the Hearing Devices*

* non-transferable, offer valid for local residents only

"I have had hearing aids and hearing problems my entire life. For the first time, I have the best service and quality of hearing... it has changed my life." -Gene B.

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Never miss a moment of sound. Now that you have your new hearing aid here are few recommendations to keep it working the way it was intended to. Taking care of your hearing aid can prolong the life of the device and keep the sound quality just as it was the first day you go it.

1. Keep it Dry and Avoid Moisture
Always store your hearing aid in a dry place away from moisture. You can keep it dry by storing in a container filled with silica gel packs that absorb the moisture. Avoid drying your device using a heat source such as hair dryers or direct sunlight as this can damage the fragile components inside.
The build-up of moisture can clog tubes within your hearing aid that may distort the sound been transmitted. Moisture can also corrode the metal components within the device which can result in short circuits or the break down of the electrical components. To avoid a moisture build up don’t take the device in the shower with you, avoid exercising with it as the sweat can clog it up. Don’t swim with or take it into steam rooms at the gym.

2. Change the batteries
Change the batteries often so you never go a day without hearing the world around you. Keep spare batteries in your house and car in case the batteries completely drain. If you are not going to use the device for a week or more take the batteries out to prevent moisture build-up.

3. Clean it Daily
Daily cleaning keeps your device from accumulating wax build up which is the number one cause of hearing aid failures. With a soft dry cloth wipe away the wax on both the receiver and microphone. Don’t forget to change the wax filter which is a very important piece of your hearing aid keeping the wax from reaching the sensitive internal components. Consult our experts at upstate hearing instruments to know what type of wax filter your device uses.

4. Avoid Extreme Temperatures
Keep the device at room temperature to prolong the life of service. Do not leave your hearing aid inside your car which can get too hot during the summer and too cold during the winter. Do not expose the device to direct sunlight because it may damage the device by melting it. Wear a hat if you are outside under direct sunlight or periodically remove the device and let it cool down in the shade. While using a hair dryer remove the device to avoid blowing hot air into it.

5. Daily Listening Checks and Turning It Off
Perform daily listening checks to assure that your device is working like its meant to. When your device is not in use make sure you turn it off to extend the battery life.

6. Handle with Care
Your hearing aid it’s always with you and you might not always remember to handle it with extreme care. But don’t forget that inside the plastic outer shell there are small sensitive electrical components. Prevent dropping or placing heavy items on top of your device.

6. Schedule Routine Cleanings and Inspections
The number one way to keep your device working smoothly is to have it cleaned and inspected by a professional at regular intervals. A professional can spot problems that you might have missed. Our experts can also adjust or calibrate your device tailored to your unique needs.

At upstate hearing instruments, we offer the hearing instrument care coverage that’ll keep you listening all year round.