UpState Hearing Battery Club

The Battery Club is an ongoing program we offer to all patients.

Hearing Aid BatteriesHow It Works:

  • By purchasing a $32 Battery Club, you receive 30 batteries (a $40 value if purchased separately).
  • You can collect your 30 batteries all at once, but the true advantage of this program is that you can get your batteries as you need them by picking them up at the office or by calling or e-mailing us. We’ll gladly drop them in the mail to you (with a $5 postage charge).
  • We buy our batteries about twice a month, directly from Rayovac, so they are very fresh. Hearing aid batteries have a very short shelf life, regardless of what the expiration date says. So from UpState Hearing they are guaranteed fresh from the factory!
  • Each time you receive batteries we’ll keep track of how many more you have coming. If you decide that the Battery Club system works for you we would be happy to set up one so that you’re never without a steady supply.
  • Remember a Battery Club is a 20% savings, convenient, and easy.

All it takes is one phone call or e-mail. Just dial (530) 243-7307 or (800) 843-4271 or email us at We’ll get you started!

How to Replace Your Hearing Aid Batteries


Hearing Devices and Perspiration . . . Much less of a problem!

Hearing aids and perspirationMost new hearing devices have a water-repellent process of Nanocoating applied to the entire hearing aid. So go ahead and garden, golf and workout at the gym!

However, other types of devices can still have trouble with the added moisture that the body and weather generate during the summer. Hearing devices that sit behind the ear are affected the most by perspiration because they come in direct contact or in the run off area of the sweat glands.

So what can be done to battle the war on perspiration? For many, just a simple habit of putting your hearing devices in a warm dry place with the battery door open and the battery removed can be help push its fate off another day. But extra measures during the summer months do require extra attention for the hearing device.

There is also a dry aid kit that helps dry up the moisture that may be carried inside of the hearing device that, if not dried out, will cause damage to the mechanical parts all the way to the circuit of the instrument. Once rust has started to form it can cause serious irreversible damage that may result in a lab visit for that hearing device.

So wear a sweatband when you can and if your able to stop by our office and pickup a dry aid kit we would be happy to help you and show you how to set it up.

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