Hearing Devices

At UpState Hearing we offer multi-line hearing devices from the most respected manufacturers. Today’s hearing instruments are more effective than ever and can help you maintain important activities and relationships and a greater sense of “belonging”.

Hearing losses are very individual and fortunately most can be helped with today’s hearing instruments. Your ideal solution will address your unique hearing needs as well as your personal preferences. We have found that no one company can do it all and there are certain models for different hearing losses and needs. Our favorite companies include:

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Premium Hearing Aids

Developed to satisfy the most demanding patients who desire and expect nothing but the best. A complete set of trail-blazing solutions uniquely address all hearing challenges while supporting understanding in even the most difficult listening situations. Key innovations in the Premium feature set include exclusive binaural features that open the door to communication even in situations previously considered impossible.

Advanced Hearing Aids

The perfect balance and price, designed to change the way a mid-range hearing solution is perceived. An impressive offering of enhanced features includes directional solutions and intelligent user interaction to enhance hearing performance.

Essential Hearing Aids

This performance level is ideally suited to patients who demand value while still expecting state-of-the art technology and up-to-the minute design. Its competitive feature set has the capabiity to support the hearing demands of daily life.

Standard Hearing Aids

The essential device offering embodies the fundamental of hearing delight by providing unique features that enhance audibility and speech intelligibility. This means we can now exceed expectations of the most cost-sensitive patient without compromise.

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