Clear Facemask Request

Would You Like a Clear Face Mask to Help You to Better Communicate With Loved Ones With a Hearing Loss?

Ever since face masks became mandatory, many of our patients have shared their struggles when communicating with their loved ones/friends.

Whereas previously they could have relied on lip-reading and facial expressions to communicate, face masks are causing them to heavily rely on their hearing which is causing them communication challenges.

If you’re experiencing the same difficulties, then we would like to help.

Having recently ordered clear facemasks for our team, so that patients can see their lips through protective clear material – we have decided to order an additional 250 masks to give to those in need within our community. 

If you or a loved one is struggling to understand you/others because of the face mask, then we would like to send you a complimentary clear face mask to assist.

It’s our way to give back to our communities.

To request your clear face mask, then simply complete the form.


Request Your Complimentary Face Mask

Only 250 Available