About Our Team

Our mission is to help people hear to the best of their ability. Providing excellent service with individual needs is our primary concern. UpState Hearing Instruments will make available the latest technology combined with integrity, quality follow-up care and education.

Kenneth H. Wood, BC-HIS
Board Certified, Hearing Instrument Sciences
Lic. H.A. 1786

After earning a degree in electronics in 1982, Ken began his career by doing hearing aid repairs. As a hearing device user since he was eight and now with over 30 years of experience fitting hearing aids, Ken personally understands the unique problems and solutions associated with hearing loss and hearing devices. ken@upstatehearing.com

Stacy L. Garcia, BC-HIS
Board Certified, Hearing Instrument Sciences
Lic. H.A. 7440

Stacy is a Board Certified, Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser who provides customized patient care services to patients in Redding as well as  our offices in Chico and Red Bluff. She performs audiometric evaluations for hearing device selection and adjustment, and counsels  patients and their families on appropriate solutions to their hearing problems. stacy@upstatehearing.com

Scott A. Morris, HIS
Hearing Instrument Specialist
Lic. H.A. 7657

Scott is a sixth-generation Trinity County native, who has been with our office for eighteen years, first as a patient and currently as a Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser. Scott not only fits, programs, and adjusts hearing aids, he also performs annual evaluations and hearing aid cleanings in Redding as well as our offices in Susanville and Weaverville. scott@upstatehearing.com

Ian Marek Mishler
Hearing Aid Dispenser
Lic. #HA-8131

Ian Mishler is a Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser in our Chico and Red Bluff offices. He specializes in fitting and adjusting hearing instruments using the most current best practice methods available. He performs thorough hearing evaluations and hearing aid maintenance, plus he has years of experience counseling and coaching patients on any hearing related obstacles. Ian also participates in various community services within the Chico area. Ian enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 children, playing guitar and bass, and barbecuing. ian@upstatehearing.com

Donna Spoon
Office Manager

Donna, our Office Manager, has been with us for 20 years. Her primary responsibilities include coordinating the delivery of exemplary patient/customer service and providing support in the achievement of all practice goals in addition to bookkeeping duties, and coordinating advertising/marketing projects.

Carole Grinton
Patient Representative

Carole joined Up-State Hearing Instruments in 2009. She comes to us via Santa Mateo County with over 34 years of experience in the medical field. Carole contributes to our mission by professionally managing patients. She graciously and deftly handles inquiries and everything else that comes her way. Carole enjoys camping, boating, and fishing with her family.

Justin Forbes
Lab Tech

Justin Forbes is a Lab Tech in the Redding office. He has been wearing hearing aids for 26 years, due to a moderate-to-severe sensorineural hearing loss. When he’s not fixing hearing aids, Justin enjoys golfing.

Christa Atwood
Lab Manager

As Lab Manger, Christa oversees all Lab functions enabling our dispensers to provide timely and effective patient care. Her duties include handling and tracking all incoming and outgoing hearing aids, performing minor hearing aid repairs, working with patients on their hearing aid accessories and Bluetooth connectivity, and assisting dispensers with direct patient care. christa@upstatehearing.com

Michelle Stelt
Patient Representative

Michelle Stelt, Patient Representative in Redding as of November 2016. Michelle works directly with managed care and insurance companies for approvals and billing. Michelle’s favorite part of her job is: “Working with our patients to be able to help them navigate their insurance coverage and billing. And the end result, I love seeing them light up when hearing better.”

Annie Bakaleinikoff
Patient Representative

Annie greets patients and answers the phone in the Redding office. She loves to make people feel welcome and comfortable during their visit. She is also the person who will call to remind you of your appointment in Redding, Red Bluff, Susanville, or Weaverville.

Paige Owens
Patient Representative

Paige shares this role with Erica and wears many hats including front desk duties, checking insurance coverage, changing hearing aid wax guards and domes, etc. Paige’s favorite part of her job: “Being able to see a difference in everyday lives and knowing that we are a part of that difference.”


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