Facts & Fictions about Hearing Loss

In Hearing Loss by UpState Hearing Instruments

At UpState Hearing Instruments, we’ve heard it all and believe us, there are too many myths about hearing loss and too few facts. Allow us to dispel a few myths…

Myth: I’m Not Old Enough

FACT: 40% of those with hearing loss are less than 60 years old! 48 million Americans of all ages experience hearing loss. Children, teenagers and young adults face hearing loss due to loud classrooms, earbuds, gaming and music. If your ears were ringing after a loud concert or sport shooting, you have damaged your hearing. Adults of all ages risk losing their hearing through their work and during daily activities in our crowded cities. Heavy construction, working with loud equipment, and other industrial noise still pose hazards to young people’s hearing.

Myth: Hearing Loss Doesn’t Affect Health and Wellbeing

FACT: Hearing loss has major consequences on your overall health and wellbeing. Hearing loss can impact your relationships by leading to miscommunications, arguments, and growing frustrations from friends, family, partners and spouses. Those experiencing hearing loss often report feeling of isolation and are at a higher risk of depression and dementia. Treating your hearing loss not only helps your ears, it helps your overall health and reduces stress. It is also a fact that hearing loss can reduce earned income.

Myth: If Everyone Would Just Speak Up, I Could Hear

FACT: Many people with hearing loss blame others for their inability to hear. Because most hearing loss comes on slowly, you simply don’t realize how much your hearing has deteriorated. This sometimes leads to denial. If you have trouble hearing conversations in more complex listening situations or think your friends have started speaking too softly, you may have a hearing loss. Most testing is free and easy. Good quality hearing aids today work well, are easy to wear, almost invisible and might just improve your relationships!

Myth: It’s Okay to Wait

FACT: The longer you wait to treat your hearing loss, the harder it can be to treat. When it comes to your hearing and brain function, it is a use-it-or-lose-it proposition. Untreated hearing loss can lead to a deterioration of the auditory pathways in your brain and the brains ability to recognize speech and normal sounds in the listening environment. Wearing hearing aids consistently will help retrain healthy brain-hearing function. The younger you embrace better hearing, the easier you will adapt.

Myth: Hearing aids won’t be helpful

FACT: Only 1 in 5 people who could benefit from hearing aids actually wear them. People often don’t realize the extent of their hearing loss, haven’t had a hearing test in years, or refuse to invest in their hearing health. Others have purchased the wrong hearing aids or experienced a poor fitting. There is no substitute for a reputable hearing provider and quality hearing instruments. At UpState Hearing Instruments, you can try hearing devices before you buy and enjoy them in your listening world.* Call us today to schedule your evaluation, and risk-free hearing aid Test Drive!

*Some insurance programs and managed care companies require you to buy them before you try them. Call us for details.