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Hearing Aids Will Make Me Look Old

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Maybe you’ve never said it. Maybe you’ve never even had the conscious thought. There is a good chance that it’s an underlying reason you’ve ignored your spouse and put off getting your hearing tested. Old people have hearing loss, and old people have hearing aids. This may be generally true, but if you ask Scott Morris at UpState Hearing Instruments, “it’s about staying young, not getting old.” This isn’t relevant because Scott can fit you with new hearing aids, but because he’s been wearing them for twenty years.

Assuming hearing aids will make you feel or look old is not new or uncommon. Without citing statistics we can safely say that the majority of hearing aid users are in fact over the age of 65. Regardless of generational or cultural biases, aging can be stigmatized as a loss of independence or validity. In American culture in particular, ambitious people are often slammed with the notion that they need to make their own way, and if they’re down, pick themselves up by their bootstraps. This can be a useful means of motivation, but it doesn’t bode well for those who require help. If you have a hearing loss, you’re capable of hearing better. You can still pick yourself up by your bootstraps, but you still need the boots.

Hearing aids aren’t a sign of aging of deterioration. They’re a sign of the types of folk who like to run each day despite the hurdles. Hearing loss is the sign of aging. At UpState Hearing Instruments, we have answered hundreds of questions pertaining to the issue of aging. Stacy Garcia would be happy to tell you, “you’re younger today than you’re ever going to be.” Yes, older people do have hearing loss, congratulations on making it this far, you did it! Now’s the time to be proactive and decide how to deal with it.

Is denial of your hearing loss turning you into an old curmudgeon? You think Grandma or Grandpa is losing it? Maybe they just can’t HEAR you. Ken Wood loves to remind people that it’s much less embarrassing to acknowledge hearing loss than it is to live in a world where people think you have a screw loose.


Relationships have never been nurtured in isolation. Your family and friends might be struggling to communicate with you. Why not investigate the possibility of communicating better with your loved ones? Addressing your hearing loss and the possibility of hearing aids doesn’t have to be a daunting process or a sign of aging. Schedule an appointment today to get your hearing tested. No matter the results, we can examine your options for being your youngest, most independent you.