Huey Lewis and the (Bad) News, Ménière’s Disease

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The rock ‘n roll world suffered a loss when Huey Lewis recently announced that he had to cancel his upcoming tour due to hearing loss. Lewis’ loss has been diagnosed as a result of Ménière’s disease. Every time I see Marty McFly hitch a ride on the back of a jeep, I will be saddened to know I can longer go see Huey Lewis croon about the power of love.

Meniere’s disease is a set of symptoms that can include dizziness, vertigo, a feeling of a blockage or fullness in the ears, and fluctuating hearing loss. It can also include headaches and tinnitus (ringing, buzzing). It can affect one or both ears. In short, Ménière’s disease can be subtle or completely debilitating. What causes the disease is thought to be a mix of genetic and environmental factors but is still largely unknown. Understanding this disease promotes complete empathy for Huey as opposed to being upset about a canceled show.

The symptoms of Ménière’s disease may fade over time but most often leaves victims with some form of permanent hearing loss. To make matters worse, the loss can fluctuate deeming hearing aids useful one day and obsolete or ineffective the next, requiring alternating programming.

At Upstate Hearing Instruments we can’t diagnose Ménière’s disease, but we would be happy to help with the new or lingering effects of hearing loss associated with it. We know this can be a challenging episode, and we’d like to do our part in helping you cope if you or a loved one suffers from hearing loss.