Newsletter: Fall 2017

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Open Your World for the Holidays!

The upcoming holidays will include numerous celebrations with family and friends. As your loved ones gather for traditional favorites and festive meals, will you be able to hear the sounds of the season? Don’t miss out. Give yourself the gift of better hearing.

Thank You

As we move into the holiday season, I would like to take a moment of reflection to thank all of you for supporting this business—you are the reason we are here and it has truly been a pleasure to serve you. In March 2016, we welcomed Advanced Hearing in Chico and Red Bluff to the UpState Hearing family, making 2016 and 2017 some of our most challenging and busiest times. And as usual, the staff here stepped up to the challenge to continue to provide the level of service you deserve, and along the way we have grown to what I believe is the best team anywhere! Along with the seasoned staff we have added a few more. Let me introduce…

Justin Forbes, Lab Tech as of October 2017. Justin has been a patient of ours and worn hearing aids for 25 years, since the age of four. Justin’s favorite part of being a Lab Tech: “Seeing someone who hasn’t been hearing well for the last 10 years and the excitement in their eyes from hearing again. And my own personal experiences with advancements in technology, from the first digital, Bluetooth connectivity with the streamer, and now direct to iPhone.”

Annie Bakaleinikoff, Patient Representative as of June 2017. Annie has been in administrative medical and health insurance support for 14 years. Annie’s favorite part of the job: “When I see them come out into the lobby after being fit with a hearing aid for the first time, hearing things that they haven’t heard for so long, their faces just light up. I’m so excited for them and it’s wonderful to see.”

Erica Piper, Patient Representative in Chico as of September 2017. Erica shares this role with Paige and wears many hates including receptionist duties, hearing aid cleanings, and scheduling appointments. Erica’s favorite part of her job: “I like helping people every day, as their hearing affects their daily life.”

Michelle (Shelly) Kahl, Audiologist as of November 2016. Shelly earned her Doctorate degree in Audiology from University of Wisconsin, Madison in June 2013. While doing her doctorate capstone project, Shelly worked in Thailand doing some research and charity work testing hearing and fitting hearing aids. Shelly is the primary hearing aid provider in Chico and works in Red Bluff on Thursday afternoons. Her favorite part: “The advancements in hearing aid technology that allow me to see immediate results, from hearing test to demo in one hour, that connects them to family and loved ones.”

Paige Owens, Patient Representative in Chico as of May 2016. Paige shares this role with Erica and wears many hats including front desk duties, checking insurance coverage, changing hearing aid wax guards and domes, etc. Paige’s favorite part of her job: “Being able to see a difference in everyday lives and knowing that we are a part of that difference.”

Michelle Stelt, Patient Representative in Redding as of November 2016. Michelle works directly with managed care and insurance companies for approvals and billing. Michelle’s favorite part of her job: “Working with our patients to be able to help them navigate their insurance coverage and billing. And the end result, I love seeing them light up when hearing better.”

Living a Connected Life

Dick and Sandy Morris are both busy, active people. Dick Morris, a long-time hearing aid user and patient at UpState Hearing, embraced technology early on, and is one of those seniors who stays connected to the broader world through his iPad, iPhone, and laptop. Sandy got her first smartphone about two year ago and has been lovingly coached on texting and general iPhone use by her granddaughters.

At UpState Hearing, we believe you are never too old to embrace new technology and we’re here to help you keep connected through your hearing aids and streaming devices. We are proud to have a willing staff that can assist you in staying better connected. With the new Oticon Opn series of hearing aids, you can stream your television programs, phone calls, music, and other media directly into your hearing aids. Give us a call if we can help you stay better connected.