Oticon Opn

Open Your World with Oticon Opn

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Join us for a special multi-day event in November. Attendees will enjoy:

  • FREE hearing screening and consultation
  • FREE listening demonstration of Oticon Opn™ hearing device
  • Special 2-week Oticon Opn™ trial offer…Experience Oticon Opn™ at work, at home, and at play, RISK FREE! 

Experience Oticon Opn™ at no obligation and see how it improves your hearing and understanding of what others are saying. Call (530) 529-3800 today!

This event will be held in 5 cities:

November 13-16
1640 Tehama Street, Suite B
Call (530) 243-7307 to RSVP
November 13-16
572 Rio Lindo, Suite #202
Call (530) 893-4327 to RSVP
Red Bluff
November 15-16
1215 Monroe Street
Call (530) 529-3800 to RSVP
November 20-21
900 Main Street
Call (530) 243-7307 to RSVP
November 27
216 South Miner Street
Call (530) 893-4327 to RSVP

Finally, there’s a hearing device that lets you hear what you want to hear, even in the most complex listening environments like a large holiday event. It’s Oticon Opn™. Only Opn™ features a revolutionary microchip that adjusts and balances all the sounds around you, not just the ones directly in front of you. It separates speech from noise and lets you focus on what’s important. With Oticon Opn™, you can open up to a fuller, more natural hearing experience.