People Make the World Go ‘Round, Part Two

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We are so grateful for the relationships we’ve made with our patients over the years. Last week we told you about Larry Branscom. This week we want to share a patient’s story in her own words.

Elrose Caruso has been an UpState Hearing patient since 1985. When Ken bought the business in 1990, Elrose was the first person he fit with hearing aids! Because their children attended the same school, they ended up seeing quite a lot of each other. And, whenever there was a fundraiser, she’d come a-knockin’ on our door!

When we asked Elrose to help us tell her story, she said it best . . .

“Acknowledging one’s hearing loss is a BIG first step in ‘regaining sounds of family life and earth’s bountiful symphony’. I think back to having lost hearing a lot of family daily chatter and the enjoyment of hearing tweeting songbirds and croaking frogs and water rippling in swift running streams. THANKS to Ken and all the UpState Hearing Staff, I am hearing clearly and ‘not missing’ much! UpState Hearing has been a part of my life for over 25 years. Being treated as family from the front door to the back office, testing levels and availability of new hearing devices explained, and proper fitting and follow-up are the things every client is assured. My questions and concerns have always been addressed and I feel totally ‘taken care of’.  Ken encouraged me over the years to WEAR the hearing aids…I was a procrastinator and he said that was his biggest challenge with me. I pledge to him and myself that these next 25 years I will be a ‘better hearing person by wearing the specialized/personalized aids’ Ken has helped fine tune to my hearing loss. CONGRATULATIONS on your longevity of service to the Redding community and especially to us, your faithful and thankful clients.”