Ken and Julia Visit Spain

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This guest blog post is written by Julia Wood.

Once again, the company that says “people first” have outdone themselves during the 2014 OtiCongress with not only a beautiful, first-class trip, but excellent education in their seminars and workshops. Over 300 hearing care professionals and their guests were given the opportunity by Oticon to travel to the beautiful country of Spain. I was ecstatic that my father, Ken Wood, invited me to such a great event.

The trip was comprised of walking from one centuries-old structure to another, bus rides to towns with personalities all their own, and four-course meals that always offered a small cup of coffee after dessert. Everything from Monkeys in Gibraltor to touring bull rings in Ronda and Mijas to excited displays of traditional dancing at a horse ranch right outside of town.

We first landed on Friday in Madrid where we were set up at the Westin Palace right in the middle of city. There we took many tours to incredible history-packed places like Toledo and The Prado Museum, always with the promise from Oticon of an excellent time. While I read and wrote emails to everyone back home, my dad was given the opportunity to learn from leading researchers and experts from around the world on hearing health and the brain. Workshops were held with focus on practical use of this research on cognitive health for the absolute best possible hearing care.

On Tuesday, we packed up to move the party down to Southern Spain via speed train. The Puente Romano resort was a tropical seaside paradise. The days were sunny and the nights were warm and you couldn’t help but smile weaving through the villa-inspired buildings and greenery to the beach. Several birthdays were celebrated and there were nights where it felt like one big family there among the Oticon representatives, hearing care professionals, and guests. Never have you met so many warm-hearted, “people first” people gathered in one place.

The day of departure was bittersweet that ended my ten days with new friends. Oticon had treated me like royalty and gave me an amount of time with my dad that I hadn’t had since I was a teenager. There is no one more grateful for the trip that was the 2014 OtiCongress, Spain.