Patience and Adaptation

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My family is currently in a waiting game as we anticipate the arrival of my second grandchild, due to come into this world any day now. We are experiencing the usual emotions—nervousness, excitement, eagerness. But this is not something we can rush or manipulate with own desires; our only choice is to wait and develop that much-sought-after virtue, patience.

Patience is something we all wish we had more of, but don’t always want to do the work to develop. It’s a skill that comes with practice and intention. There are times we simply don’t have a choice but to wait, like the expectation of a new baby or a fun vacation on the horizon. Then there are the moments when the process is all up to us and how we handle it is the crux of what determines the final outcome.

What makes a major life change exciting or daunting? I have always said that life is about attitude. Developing hearing loss and getting hearing aids for the first time is a big lifestyle change, not only for the new user but also for their family. While patients are thrilled to get some of their hearing back, they can be disheartened at the work and patience involved in the process. Families must learn new skills to communicate with their loved one and new hearing-aid users must be diligent about the steady process of adjusting to their instruments.

When new hearing-aid users don’t choose to be patient, they and their family often fall back into old routines. Instead of learning how to correctly use and adapt hearing instruments, they simply turn the television volume back up and family members continue the frustrating miscommunication and repeating themselves.

These are changes and skills that require a great deal of patience. But do you want to know the good news? They get easier with time! Soon those sounds that are annoying at first become the new normal and you find yourself not even noticing them anymore. With everyone’s commitment to patience and positive attitudes, you can retain an excellent quality of life. It is a result that is well worth the efforts.