The Symphony Got Me Thinking…

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UpState Hearing sponsored the North State Symphony’s most recent concert on February 15 at the Cascade Theatre. This classical music performance was magical. We are proud to support a very talented group of musicians under the leadership of Kyle Pickett. The Symphony Board and volunteers do an exceptional job of providing a vital cultural experience in our community.

Imagine for a moment if you will… a symphony playing music on stage… you see the conductor leading, you see the musicians playing their instruments, but the sound is incomplete. You don’t hear it like you remember it sounding, or you hear the instruments but not the lyrics. How does that make you feel?

Music is enjoyed around the world and extends as far back in history as we can trace.

As much as we all love music, I’ve always felt that language and communication trumps all! Humans are very social animals. We talk to our loved ones throughout the day; our spouses, our children, and grandchildren. We rely on our hearing to function in the work environment, at the store, at appointments with our doctors and other professionals. What happens when that never-ending stream of communication becomes interrupted? Frustration, embarrassment, and misunderstanding are felt, by both the hard of hearing person and the speaker. You feel isolated, disconnected, out of the loop. When Helen Keller was asked if she could have her hearing or her eyesight, she said her hearing. Eyesight connects us to things, hearing connects us to people.

At UpState Hearing we repair the disconnection. I’ve been working in the field for 30 years and feel very fortunate to have chosen a profession that is so rewarding. As technology improves in hearing devices, so does the performance and satisfaction. It just keeps getting better and better.
While thinking about this symphony, I pulled out a book that I had read some time ago by Daniel Levitin and I realized that maybe I’m wrong about language trumping music. I quote, “As a tool for activation of specific thoughts, music is not as good as language. As a tool for arousing feelings and emotions, music is better than language. The combination of the two as best exemplified in a love song — is the best courtship display of all.”