Halloween Basket! Boo!

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Would you like to win this beautiful gift basket? It’s easy . All you have to do is provide the name of a friend, neighbor, or family member – someone who you think may benefit from a complimentary hearing evaluation and we’ll take it from there. Your name will be entered into a drawing to win the basket. The winner will be announced on October 15, 2013. Here’s hoping you’re the lucky one who gets the call!

To enter just drop by, call us at (530) 243-7307, or email carole@upstatehearing.com with your referral.

As you know, UpState Hearing Instruments urges everyone to have their hearing checked once a year. Most people have their eyes and teeth checked on an annual basis. What about hearing? We are on a community-wide campaign to make sure everyone “knows their numbers”.  Help us help others hear better, and possibly win a prize for your efforts. Join in on the fun!