Traveling Tips

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It’s been the season for weddings and graduations!  And now we are in full swing with family vacations and trips abroad. And, for some of us, keeping our hearing aids functioning is one more thing to think about when planning our trips.

First of all, take plenty of fresh batteries! I say fresh because just last week my sister sent me a text and said she went through half a pack of batteries to get to a good one. (No, she doesn’t get them from us since she lives out of town and likes the convenience of buying batteries while at the store). When asked, she said they were fresh since the expiration date was 2014. Well, since they have a four- year expiration date stamp on them they were already three years old! My experience is those little hearing aid batteries only have about a one-year shelf life.

Next, take a couple of cleaning tools, primarily a brush. There are several different brushes on the market but we like a small acid brush or even a toothbrush. We don’t recommend it’s the same one you use for your teeth! Yuck!

A DriAid kit is very handy if your destination is around water or a humid environment.  Desiccant beads draw moisture from your hearing aids while you sleep.

If you wear the hearing aid type that uses a dome, it’s nice to take a few extra with you if your trip is a long one. Worst-case scenario is to remove the dome, clean it, and replace it.

Back up hearing aids: If you have pair of older, previous hearing aids and they work, take them along. You never know.

I find many people don’t use the case that came with their hearing aids while at home, which is fine, but when traveling it’s very handy for security, etc.

Traveling is noisy! It is something to keep in mind. I often will remove my hearing aids and wear ear plugs while on a plane. It’s either that or turn your hearing aids way down.