Hearing Instruments and Other Treatments That Can Reduce the Constant Ringing in Your Ears

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How Can Hearing Instruments Benefit You?

That continuous ringing or buzzing sound in your ears may not be just a figment of your imagination, but a real medical problem called tinnitus that requires treatment. Many people are chronic sufferers of this annoying disorder, which is a symptom of other problems that you may not be aware of, such as hearing loss, foreign objects inside the ear or a circulatory system ailment. Tinnitus doesn’t have a cure, but can be treated through hearing instruments in Red Bluff or other wearable devices in an effort to lessen the incessant noise, improve any hearing loss and enhance your environment. Medications are also sometimes prescribed to reduce the symptoms, but some find that a combination of lifestyle changes and natural remedies, like tinnitus retraining therapy and managing stress, are enough to help control the irritation.


Hearing Aids

It’s not uncommon for people experiencing tinnitus to have hearing loss as well. Being fitted for hearing aids helps to relieve hearing problems, which in turn, can decrease awareness of the persistent sounds caused by tinnitus and boosts communication and other sounds in your environment that are usually drowned out by the ringing and buzzing. Customizing the amplification on your hearing instruments will activate the auditory nervous system and reduce your tinnitus sensation.


Masking Devices

A masking device is worn in the ear like a hearing aid and provides a constant circuit of white noise. Similar to amplifying a hearing instrument, the continuous soothing noises from these devices, such as raindrops and ocean waves, muffles the disturbing sounds caused by tinnitus. Since the pitch, loudness, frequency and sound type differs between tinnitus patients, masking devices can be formulated to fit the needs of each individual sufferer.


Retraining Therapy

Tinnitus retraining therapy is a form of counseling to help patients endure their symptoms and go on with their life. It is often used in conjunction with hearing instruments that work to cancel out and divert attention away from the droning noise they’re dealing with. The retraining therapy is designed to get people accustomed to their condition while using relaxation exercises and regulating the stress and anxiety it can cause.

The less focus a person who suffers from tinnitus is able to place on the continuous noise in their ears, the better quality of life they will be able to have. Many treatments are used in combination with each other, and regular visits to your hearing specialist will help determine which are best suited for your specific situation.