Another Chapter

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Within seconds of the Giants sweeping the World Series, I became a Grandfather! What an exciting day! While I’m not really a big baseball fan, I am a huge fan of a little girl we call Lily! While our families (and a few others) where getting swept up in the excitement of the game, my daughter and son in law, (Mandy and Tony) where in the middle of some intense and the sometimes scary events of childbirth. But they survived, and everyone is healthy and happy. Now Mandy and Tony are BIG Giants fans and had season tickets last year. So it’s very fitting that Lily waited to make her debut when she did.

The first day was chaotic with all the family around and everyone wanting to hold the newest family member, so my turn was short.


Lily day 1

But the second day, while Mandy slept and Tony ran some errands, was my time. No one else in the room to share her with, no interruptions and no conversation. Lily slept, I watched her, we bonded…


Lily 2 days old, looks like her Grandpa sleeping

When Tony left, he kissed Mandy then walked toward the door, opened it, then turned around and walked back to me and Lily. He gave her a kiss on the cheek, and then walked back out. He is going to be a great Dad, Im not surprised, his folks are the best! Lily has great family on both sides who love her immensely.

Like most things in life, we don’t truly understand them till we experience them. Everyone always says how great it is to be a grandparent… I now get it.


Lily 4 days old, wearing a Giants hat!