Our New Website

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We have now launched the second redesign of our website! (Did you ever see our previous one? It was somewhat dated and cumbersome to navigate.) Matt Morgan and his team from Optimize Worldwide built the new design you’re looking at; we hope you like it as much as we do! They are located here in Redding and we highly recommend them. One objective of the new site is to assist those searching for hearing aid related information in Redding and our other three satellite offices. The website will continue to evolve with more information for new and experienced users alike. Soon you will find a few of our videos featuring demonstrations such as cleaning hearing aids, inserting them, changing batteries, how blue tooth works, etc.

We are also providing a weekly blog! That is what you are currently reading. Mostly these will consist of current issues and topics in the hearing aid and hearing-impaired world at UpState Hearing. The last word in our Mission Statement is “education” and we firmly believe that people do much better when armed with correct and factual information. Okay, it may not always be factual because I have a tendency to give my opinion based on experiences I’ve had.  Just ask anyone in this office, I may give you my opinion whether you ask or not!

When you see a topic that interests you, we hope you will participate by commenting or asking questions. If there is a topic you would like addressed, just ask and we’ll do our best to thoroughly answer your query. When commenting you will need to log in with an account; this is to prevent the spammers of the world from clogging up our blog page and detracting from the important contributors–you, our readers.