UpState Hearing Instruments customizes Intiga-i to fit the unique shape of each patient’s ear

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Intiga UpState HearingNew Invisible Hearing Device Stands Up to the Demands of an Active Lifestyle – With the Ultimate in Discretion!

Not surprisingly, most people seeking hearing solutions from Kenneth H. Wood, BC-HIS of UpState Hearing Instruments in Redding want a discreet hearing device that people won’t notice. Nearly half of them take that request a bit further – they want an invisible one. “With the incredible advances in technology and design, patients can now have the discreet look they want and better hearing they need to meet the everyday demands of their active lifestyles, “says Ken.

Ken is one of the first hearing care professionals in the US to offer the new invisible Oticon Intigaˡ, a super tiny, ultra sleek hearing solution that sits inside the ear canal. The fully automatic hearing solution is designed to improve first-time users’ ability to hear and understand conversation and other everyday sounds with less listening effort, even in difficult listening situations such as restaurants, conference rooms or sporting events.

UpState Hearing Instruments customizes Intigaˡ to fit the unique shape of each patient’s ear to ensure a secure, comfortable fit. This means that Intigaˡ stays put and invisible no matter how active the patient’s lifestyle. Ken reports that his patients also appreciate that because Intigaˡ is worn inside the ear, they can easily use the telephone or wear headphones without discomfort.

For patients who may not be candidates for the custom-made Intigaˡ, UpState Hearing Instruments offers the tiny Intiga, a high performance hearing instrument that fits almost invisibly behind the ear. Intiga is the world’s smallest fully wireless hearing solution, enabling the device to act as a wireless, hands-free headset for cell phones and other entertainment devices.

For more information on invisible Intigaˡ or behind-the-ear Intiga, contact UpState Hearing Instruments at 530-243-7307 or 800-843-4271.